Frequently Asked Questions


Q-How long will my therapy session last?
A-If you are coming in for an individual session, expect to spend 55-60 minutes. An initial couples’ session will be roughly 1½ -2 hours long. If you are traveling a distance to the office, make sure to talk to Dr. Berry about the option of scheduling a Couples’ Intensive. Sometimes, couples choose to work in longer blocks of time, and to make Warwick a destination, not just for therapy, but also for a special “retreat.” This town, also known as Apple Valley, is the sort of place people visit for a day, fall in love, and bid on a new house! Consider booking a 3-6 hour appointment, and make reservations at local restaurants and a B & B.
Time frames for ongoing therapy vary according to individual and couple’s attention spans and scheduling considerations. These decisions will be discussed and made together with Dr. Berry.