About Dr. Berry

photo (1)Dr. Berry received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Hofstra University in 1990. Her internships were in the provision of drug rehab, working within organizations, and behavioral medicine. Early in her career, she was the Director of Psychological Services of a diabetes center, solidifying a professional relationship within the medical community.

Dr. Berry is trained to provide Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and is a teacher of yoga. She is a lifelong yoga and meditation practitioner, and has tantra training. These disciplines, particularly tantra, form the underpinning of her interest and expertise as a sex therapist.

In 1991, Dr. Karen began her post-doctoral training with Dr. David Schnarch in the sexual crucible approach. This approach is an integration of couple’s and sex therapy and has enabled Dr. Berry to offer couples extremely effective and cutting edge assistance.

Karen decided to continue her post-doctoral study to further enhance her effectiveness as a therapist. She began training with Dr. Michael Yapko in 2005. This approach focuses on the science-based treatment of anxiety and depression, utilizing both cognitive and hypnotic techniques to retrain the human brain.

Next was the psychobiological approach to couples therapy pioneered by Dr. Stan Tatkin and based on the work of Dr. Steven Porges. This training has allowed Karen to access directly, the “wiring” in the human brain responsible for the difficulties couples have in their attachment behaviors. Using behavioral, verbal, and electronic tools makes this type of therapy extremely interesting, exciting, fun,and effective.